Bang Music Jazz Jam 2-27-10

The monthly jazz  jam  at Bang Music in Stafford last night featured some hot playing. Bruce Middle hosts the jam,

Bruce Middle

and he brought in bass player/bandmate Jim Boberg.

Jim Boberg

Drummer Toby Fairchild showed,

Toby Fairchild

as well as Scott Castonguy on guitar,

Scott Castonguy

John Freund on guitar,

John Freund

Josh Bollinger on sax and guitar,

Josh Bollinger

Joe Kane on drums,

Joe Kane

another guitarist whose name and photo I didn’t get, and I sat in on a couple of tunes on guitar.

Bruce started the jam off with some easy blues stuff for the less accomplished players (me). After a few blues numbers the musical pace picked up, and I grabbed my camera.

Young Josh Bollinger wowed us all with his sax playing. I think he is a senior in high school, but his playing is that of someone much older. He has very tasteful phrasing, and his improvising skills exhibit a wide range of influences.

I had never heard Scott play, and didn’t know what to expect. He is a well schooled jazz player. He said he was rusty from not playing – I’d love to be that rusty some day!

John Freund is learning to play jazz, and pealed off some nice solos.

Toby replaced Joe on drums while Joe went to take care of some store business. (Bang Music is his store) Joe’s a solid jazz player, but Toby ramped things up to another level. He is a great jazz drummer. He and Bruce got things really cranking on a few tunes.

Bruce’s playing leaves me slack-jawed.

Listening to him I alternately want to burn all my guitars or practice real hard.

Jim’s bass playing is a great mix of being intricate yet solid. He keeps the backbone in place while adding beautiful colors to the tunes.

Joe and Bruce deserve a lot of appreciation for putting these monthly sessions together. It give a part of the local creative community a chance to get together and, well, create stuff. It also allows local musicians to become acquainted, and for those of us like me a chance to learn from and jam with the local giants, as well as just enjoying hearing them play.

Jazz players are alchemists. They create golden sounds from their knowledge and chops.

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