Richmond IFDA Assists in Caritas Office Makeover

In January of this year the Richmond IFDA chapter – I am the Board Historian – (International Furnishings and Design Association, ) chose Caritas as its charitable partner. Caritas, through their many partners and their Furniture Bank, provides shelter, food, furniture, life skills assistance, love, and support for persons who are in critical need of help. (For a detailed look at Caritas please visit their website, ).

While the Richmond IFDA had a budget of $500 for their charitable partner, the Caritas/IFDA liaison, Alice Czajkowski, had an idea of how IFDA could make an impact worth more than $500, for much less. The administrative work of Caritas was being conducted in a run down office suite in the warehouse that houses the Furniture Bank.


The offices were functional, but depressingly industrial. Alice’s idea was to get the IFDA designers, members, and corporate partners to team up for an office makeover. I volunteered to take the before and after photos, and on April 1st I went to Caritas to take the ‘before’ images.

Before - Conference Room

Planning the makeover began in the early spring. And now, through the efforts of the Richmond IFDA, the generous donations of the IFDA corporate partners, and of Leslie Hundley and Alice Czajkowski of Caritas, the staff of Caritas has an office facility that, quite frankly, they deserve.

After-Conference Room

Before – Conference Room

After - Conference Room

After - Conference Room

Before - Receptionist's Office

After - Receptionist's Office

Before - Office/storage/kitchen

After - Kitchen/Lounge/Storage

After - Kitchen

After - Kitchen

Before - Kitchen

After - Office

After - Kitchen/Lounge/Storage/Office



Before - Hallway

After - Hallway

After - Hallway

Before - Bathroom

After - Bathroom

All of the photographs in this blog post are ©John Magor 2010, All Rights Reserved. It is a violation of United States copyright law to copy, transfer, download, alter, or re-use these images in any manner.


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