Canola, Bluebells, and Bridges

Yesterday was not the best day to hang out in a windowless basement office – I’m always surprised by the weather – whether I like it or not. So after an early startling encounter with a gorgeous day, an extended lunch break with a quick photo mission via motorcycle seemed to be the thing to do.

I have a tank bag on my bike. That’s it for storage. So I usually just grab a camera and one lens, today it was an 18-105 zoom on a D7000. Traveling with one lens limits your options, but clears up a lot of stuff before you get started. It is both constricting and freeing at the same time. So, one lens. Be here now kinda thing.

Canola fields are yell-low. Astonishingly yellow. From all appearances the individual plants resemble nothing more than a weed with a  yellow top. But a large Virginia field covered in canola is a visual treat.

A field of canola in rural Virginia

Canola Field, 4-20-2011

(Click on the photos for a larger view)

I’m not sure how long the yellow flowers will last, but I’m guessing not long.

I stopped to photograph some mertensia virginica (Bluebells, Virginia style)
and saw an old abandoned bridge.  The sky was overcast and the light was a omni-directional and featureless.

Bluebells in a creek bed

Bluebells in a creek bed

I need to return when the light is more dramatic.

I like bridges. Where I grew up in Nebraska we had cool bridges. Some were covered in structural steel, others open, and some were just two planks laid across a creek bed.

I think this bridge I photographed today was operational  into the 1970’s.

Abandoned bridge guard rail Fleetwood Dr

Abandoned bridge guard rail Fleetwood Dr



A bluebell close-up:



And a view from the bridge looking up river.



I can clearly see some more extended lunch breaks in my future!


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