Big Changes in a Small Space

The completed bathroom remodel by Tom Haines, of Haines Construction LLC in Richmond Virginia

Big Changes in a Small Space

The view from the window – the photo was taken while standing on a ladder
looking into the bathroom

The window

The biggest initial issues facing Tom for this project were the size of the bathroom – tiny, and that the homeowner was used to having the ten inch deep cabinet above the toilet, and wanted that feature in the new bath. Tom’s plan was to open the bathroom up internally, with as few obstructions as possible.

Before photo showing toilet, cabinet, and shower

Looking from the Master Bedroom

There wasn’t anything Tom could do about the size of the bath, but his solution to the cabinet issue was to inset it into the wall as far as possible. This decreased the intrusion into the room, while giving the homeowner the cabinet space they desired.

Ten inch deep cabinet inset into wall

Inset cabinet with mirror front

Another issue was figuring out what to do with all the demo material – the bath was going to have to be completely gutted, and there were literally thousands of pounds of tile that had to be disposed of. Tom’s solution was to cut a hole in the shower floor and use a bagging system to remove the debris through the basement. This was a fantastic solution. It helped both Tom and the homeowner by keeping the demo material and dust contained, manageable, and away from the living areas of the home.

Hole in the shower floor used to drop debris into bagging system

Bag system used for containing debris

Tom and his crew did a remarkable job transforming such a small space into an updated, elegant, and functional Master Bath that feels much larger than its size.

Tom has a reputation for impeccable finish work, and it shows in every square inch of this project.

Pedestal sink

Shower threshold, shower door, and tile detail

Exquisite fit and finish throughout!

Link to Tom’s website –


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